Monday, July 9, 2007

135 fiasco

Okay so I became too excited with this lomo crap. Too excited. Heard 135 film could be loaded into my Holga. Since nobody processes 120 film in my town, thought it would be neat to try 135 so I could have it processed readily, then, I could finally see my first Holga photos. Fine. Squarefrog has a video in youtube. Great. Tutorial is quite easy to follow. Loaded the 135. Practically covered my Holga with black tape. Surfed for ways to control the film. Tricky. But necessary. All set. I can now shoot. Shoot I did. Practically anything in a little less than 30 minutes. Yes. I could now have it developed. But one more thing. Must unload the film in complete darkness, if not, a darkroom. Very, very tricky. But it had to be done. Now to developing the film. The nearest was at a one-hour lab. Big mistake. I got crap after an hour. Or was it indeed my mistake? Was it not supposed to be cross processed? Should I have noted not to color correct? Very disappointed. What the fuck? My brother quipped. Yawa! Me. I sure hope it's just me, not my Holga. Damn.

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