Saturday, July 7, 2007

The genesis of my lomo-zeal

It all started, I think, when I first came upon an article on ‘lomomanila’ in a newspaper (was it PDI? I’m no longer sure) about two years past. It must’ve been a good one because it got me googling for lomomanila, lomography, lomo, lomo, lomo.

I was expecting for websites on cameras and photography but no, it was a whole new culture I discovered – and it was good. No nonsense artsy photography counter-culture, blaring but not glaring – gaahd, they’re all over the place – but not quite, which is exactly how they want it to be. And there I was, a mere lurker to this, this lomo phenomenon. Of course, I wanted to jump onto the lomo-wagon but where could I purchase a lomo? Being the lurker that I am, I couldn’t bring myself to ask and so I tried searching by myself – to no avail, of course. Yes I could purchase online but the sellers where all from overseas, I didn’t have a credit card, I simply had a handy reason not to get myself a lomo each time I really wanted to get myself a lomo.

And of course, the lomo fever kept on rising (without me).

I was even becoming intimidated by it. Imagine my first encounter with actual lomo prints off the wall in mag:net (some time in March this year) – was short of epiphanous, I couldn’t believe it, it was overwhelming – but the feeling, I kept to myself, because of course, the friends I was with didn’t know a thing about lomography. (Who would when Encarta defines lomo as: a Hispanic sausage: a cured tenderloin sausage?)

Revitalized by that experience, I again started actively searching for ways to get me a lomo. Incidentally, Ryan, my brother (the more serious photographer) also stumbled on the lomo trend. Now I had someone to talk lomo with. And to my disgrace, he was the one who discovered

My shame, but my gain, too, for now I could own my very own lomo.

And the first click went to...

My brother...

The excitement of being greeted by my Holga package when I went home tonight, oozed way over my head, (yep, it happens!) that I had to bring the Holga to our badminton game that night, just to have an audience for my latest cool acquisition!

Okay, my brother, Ryan, was the only one who got it - other's were like: is that for real? it's just a toy camera, right? Even our French beerkada, Tuff, a budding filmmaker, (to my surprise) didn't know what a Holga was or a Lomo for that matter.

Bueno, Ryan asked for the Holga, to feel how light it was and stuff, but no, not just stopping at that - *click*! - there goes the first shot of my first ever lomo camera...

The only consolation would be that I'm quite sure it was not a good shot, the settings were all wrong, the place was not exactly well-lit, it wasn't supposed to be his... dang!

Oh brother...

Holga! Got my first ever lomo today.

A Holga 120N, purchased at, run by the very amiable Jenny (the blurbs are all true, promise!) Deposited the payment Wednesday, got the package Friday. Prompt. Casual. Cool. Very lomo.

Of course, you can’t have a lomo, and not announce it to the world. Hence, this blog. Which will assume that I’m the first (and, so far, the only) Bohol-based Boholano lomographer. (So for anyone who wants to refute this, I’ll be glad to relinquish my title, just so I could have a Bol-anon comrade in this lomo culture). There might be a technicality with this assumption, too, because I can’t really call my self that (yet) since I am yet to show my first lomo prints. (Coming soon!)

I have the whole weekend to consume all four of my Superia 100’s (I should’ve bought more, I know), have them printed at Digiprint via LBC and cross my fingers, and wish that the gods of lomo would bless me with beginner’s luck – that my first lomo prints would be good enough to show off and usher me into the world of lomo.

This feeling. It’s like learning photography all over again.