Friday, July 20, 2007

bohollomo goes to digiprint MoA

For a meeting in Surigao this weekend (National Anti-Poverty Commission Youth and Students Council – Sectoral Council Meeting), I had to take a Tagbilaran-Manila plane ride to catch a PAL flight to Butuan City tomorrow where we drive to Surigao City. Sayang man gud ang miles. It was incredulous, I know, making Manila my stopover for my Surigao trip, inconvenient and costly, but, it also gave me the chance to go to a digiprint shop. The MoA branch was the nearest I knew from the airport.

Hunched by my heavy backpack (with my heavy laptop), I lumbered aimlessly in the vast mall, looking for digiprint. A text from my brother said I was at the wrong side of the mall. I vaguely remember how I got from the south end of MoA to its north end, I was famished, I just arrived from a one-hour flight from Tagbilaran, I was a Boholano in Manila. But the sight of the digiprint logo easily wiped off all my weariness. The transaction was relatively smooth, the guy behind the counter knew what he had to know. I only paid P245 for my four film rolls. I opted to have it sent back home, though I will be marooned in Surigao City until Monday. Another reason to long for home, I guess.

(North Susana Heights, Quezon City.)

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