Sunday, December 23, 2007

Basul Island, Surigao City

We took a 30-minute bangka ride from our resort in Surigao City towards Basul Island. It's a really small island, one can circumnavigate in less than an hour. The island, where only one livable structure stands, is apparently owned by a certain doctor. Fees apply to all island-trippers.

[Taken with a Holga 120N on July 22, 2007.]


Anonymous said...

How do we get there? How can we contact the banka? We will go to Surigao Sunday afternoon... please email me at

kimemmanuelle said...

basul is not owned by a doctor. the delani family from surigao owns the island. it's a inheritance from their elders.

bohollomo said...

@kimemmanuelle: I stand corrected. The 'doctor' thingie was what's relayed to us by our boatsmen, though. So, thanks!